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Spelling Clouds -

Spelling Cloud

Speech Sound Wall, Spelling Cloud Keyring, Spelling Cloud (Phoneme to Grapheme) Charts

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Use the Spelling Clouds to explore phoneme to grapheme mapping. 
Use the Spelling Clouds to explore phoneme to grapheme mapping. 

2 x Spelling Mats

Phoneme Grapheme Chart

Small Speech Sound Monster Cards with Spelling Clouds on the back


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Display English Spelling Choices!
ie the Phoneme to Grapheme Mapping!

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Spelling Cloud

Phoneme to grapheme mapping charts, spelling cloud keyrings, spelling clouds to build a speech sound wall!  

Phoneme to grapheme charts!

Use the Spelling Clouds to explore phoneme to grapheme mapping. 

There are 48 Spelling Clouds - each displaying the graphemes used to represent the target speech sound, including an example word.

Spelling Clouds - Build a Speech Sound Wall
Spelling Cloud Poems

Spelling Cloud Poems

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The Spelling Clouds help overcome the limitations of synthetic phonics
Speech Sound Pictographs - spelling sight words with phonicsth
Code Mapping with Speech Sound Pictograhs! Spelling Clouds for Phonics;

Explore the phoneme to grapheme mapping of all words! The Speech Sound Clouds - Spelling Clouds - are a great way to learn to spell using phonics.
Order Phoneme to Grapheme Charts from SpeechSound - we ship worldwide from the UK and Australia. We LOVE to display spelling choices in ways that children get excited about! 

Learn how to teach any child to read in a systematic, scaffolded way. Learn how to teach children to read using the SSP I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) app with Miss Emma SpLD Specialist Teacher and Trainer. Learn how to teach non verbal and dyslexic students to read and spell with the SSP ICRWY app and also the SSP Spelling Piano app; the best phonics app for children!
The I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) app now includes the One, Two, Three and Away books as transition readers! Bridging the gap between phonics based readers and authentic texts. Miss Emma says it is time for the experiment with 'synthetic phonics' in the UK to end, and time to teach phonics systematically and quickly, using a differentiated approach - with a focus on great teaching of oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension; not commercial synthetic phonics programs. Every child reads for pleasure, not a level. 
Miss Emma - Emma Hartnell-Baker - runs sessions for students in The Reading Hut, within the Dorset area, with outstanding literacy results; teaching all to read, write and spell quickly and as easily as possible for that individual.

Exploring orthographically mapped words using the Speech Sound Monsters and Spelling Clouds. Words are explored in the ICRWY lessons app and the Spelling Piano app for Ipads.
You could use these words within the Speedy Six Spelling, first checking the IPA and phoneme to grapheme with Miss Emma.
The Speech Sound Pictographs are alternatives to phonetic symbols and were created to embrace the neurodiverse classroom. Miss Emma is undertaking doctoral work at the University of Reading (UK).

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