The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach
Learn about Code Mapping®; mapping phonemes (Speech Sounds) to graphemes (Sound Pictures) quickly and easily, in order to speed up the rate at which children learn decoding and encoding (spelling) skills, and move into the phase of being 'Orthographic Mappers'.


Learn to use 'Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers'
to segment words.  




Teachers Pay Teachers - Monster Mapping - Monster Spelling Chart/ Mat
Use our Spelling Clouds to introduce learners to ALL spelling choices for ALL English Speech Sounds!

Meet some of our I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Pilot Group children as they learn to read before starting school, and see how they became obsessed with The Story and the Speech Sound Puppets.We will film some of our 4 year olds throughout 2021; they do not start school until 2022. 


Do you have a 3 or 4 year old, and want them to experience the joy of reading TO others, as well as being read to? And without too much effort - because they can reach the 'self-teaching' (Share) phase really quickly?
Message Miss Emma to find out how. 

Children love to read personal Monster Messages from Miss Emma! How? They 'follow the Monster Sounds to Say the Words' Maya doesn't start school until 2022. Follow her SSP learning journey on the ICRWY Project web site. 


Gemma has asthma

Merry Christmas Maya


The 'I Can Read Without You' (ICRWY) Project - Every Child Reading for Pleasure by 6!
Monster Mapping

Our new early (early) years program. Buy the ICRWY Teaching Kit and Training+ Membership for Step by Step Instructions!
Join the FB group and connect with parents of children who went through the ICRWY Pilot. 


SSP Code Mapping- the ICRWY Project - SSP Training
SSP Code Mapping- the ICRWY Project
The Reading Hut
The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach

Get the whole family involved!


Bulk Orders? Purchase orders for Aussie schools can be made through Australian school supplier 'Teacherless Teaching Australia', however, we are located in the UK
Please call MAT and others, to ask if they would stock SSP resources locally, to help support parents and teachers. In the meantime we do ship worldwide from the UK, so contact us for quotes!

Hard copy ICRWY books on sale. 
Also Code Mapped and Monster Mapped as e-readers

There are also Cracking Comprehension Cards and Games to accompany the books. 

SSP Code Mapping to Orthographic Mapping