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For about 7 years all Luca has had is explicit instruction in phonics. The phonics instruction he has received has not enabled him to shift into the 'implicit learning; stage - it has actually kept him functionally illiterate. His exposure to 'the code' has also been limited to the 'grapheme to phoneme correspondences' explicitly taught within DfE validated systematic synthetic phonics programs. More of the same was the 'intervention' received. It amazes me every time I see him that he is still open to learning. It is my honour to guide his towards not needing me, and saying 'I Can Read Without You'. 

As part of the I Can Read Without You Project I am offering a range of screening and intervention services to older children who cannot (yet) read and spell - a bridge between existing orthographic knowledge and the phase within which reading skills develop via implicit learning.      

ICRWY - I Can Read without you  BECAUSE of implicit learning, not explicit instruction
Miss Emma, TheNeurodivergent Reading Whisperer
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