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Vocabulary Knowledge
- Let's learn new words with Miss Emma!

Word Mapping with Miss Emma
Learning new words! Vocabulary lessons with Miss Emma
Orthographic Mapping Group on Facebook with Miss Emma !

As you will see, if observing an SSP classroom, a range of skills and concepts are interwoven and explored as opposed to separating the strands and teaching elements in isolation. The goal, after all, is to be READING (and writing!) as often as possible.    

The fun activities we plan for the children - even  in the very early stages of learning to read and spell - facilitate implicit learning 
and help to develop those bridging processes! 

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GSF is easier when you know the word! Vocabulary (and knowledge of pronunciation) matters. These children had to look at words and use 'orthographic awareness' but as you can see they were waiting for someone to tell them what the word was! They weren't sure of the phoneme associations - even though they understood which letters likely linked, as graphemes. 

When the word is Code Mapped (clarifying the grapheme segmentation) AND Monster Mapped, they know how to pronounce the word - even if they still don't know what it means. 
As most of our children are proud to own and use their own dictionaries, they are constantly on the look out for new words! They WANT to know what words mean!! 


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