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The SSP Speedy Six Spelling Activities


Build a Speech Sound Wall at home or in the classroom! Every English Spelling Choice made Visible!


A5 Wall Clouds

You will need about 1.3 x 1.2m

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We ship worldwide!

monster_spelling_cloud_wall (1).jpg

Students can now check grapheme mapping at home using the ICRWY Lessons app
or the ICRWY LinguaLit app at school; both contain the Code Mapping Tool.
Copy and Paste the Code Mapped Text and use it for wall labels, Code Level sentences, LinguaLit Routine and more! Email us for more info!


The way we explain every concept 'just makes sense' to those learning to read; no 'rules' or whole words to memorise.
The 'Sound Pic Sandwich' (split vowel digraph) is one that often confuses adults so watch this to see how Miss Emma explains it to pre-school aged children learning to Code Map.

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Speech SoundPictographs - Phonetic Symbols for Kids - Integrated (Embedded) Sound Pictographs - Code Mapping and Monster Mapping. The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach 

Orthographic Mapping

Thanks to thousands of Aussie kids over 10 years we have the most comprehensive 'speech sound wall' teachers tell us they have ever seen, and their children are excited about not only grapheme mapping but using phonetic symbols (the IPA) And as so many phonics programs, mandated by school leaders, do not offer this training (phonology, orthography, morphology, etymology etc) we are now offering Grapheme Mapping Teacher Training - which is not SSP specific ie it will help teachers get the best outcomes regardless of what they are using to teach phonics and high frequency (sight) words.

Ask about our highly popular 90-minute teaching team zoom session!

  The follow up session to this is LinguaLit - an all-in-one literacy routine used to get older students to grade level (reading and spelling) asap. Become a specialist LinguaLit tutor. 

ICRWY LinguaLit - Phoneme to Grapheme Mapping!
ICRWY LinguaLit - I Can Read Without You -Grapheme Mapping Training!
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