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Sadly, our school system is not designed to be inclusive to everyone regardless of their neurotype: the school system continues to cater to neurotypical children (and teachers) Students are expected to acquire a standardised skillset and an obedient, organised, and reliable nature that would serve society well in the past—but not so much today. The way in which children are taught, and not just what they are taught, is just one of the issues Miss Emma touches on in this webinar: not as a suggestion to embrace her ideas, but to embrace innovation and neurodivergent thinking.

Emma Hartnell-Baker and Dr Grace Elliott are Directors of Village in the Cloud Ltd and their ‘NeuroSpectives’ are their own. 

Sometimes folks like to hear different perspectives!
How about a perspective from a neurodivergent teacher? Useful for those teaching phonics within the neurodiverse classroom? 

The Speech Sound Connection from the Reading Hut Ltd - Miss Emma shares her NeuroSpectives!
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