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The AI Reading Teacher

The AI (Kindergarten) Reading Teacher could transform education by teaching the 'kick-start' to reading and spelling phase from any device and in any location. This explicit and systematic instruction would include but not be limited to phonemic, orthographic and morphological awareness, orthographic knowledge, decoding fluency, code level linguistic and written comprehension and vocabulary. Not only would this enable each individual to learn as if being taught by the very best specialist ICRWY reading teacher in the world, on a 1: basis, but generate code mapped content geared around student interests. Engaged students become intrinsically motivated to learn - and to then read for information and pleasure.  Over 95% of children would be in the 'self-teaching' phase -and learning most of what they need as readers, via implicit learning- before starting Grade 1. Illiteracy would be eradicated. 
Let's Build The AI (Kindergarten) Teacher!

The AI Reading Teacher - Bill Gates predicts AI chatbots will teach children to read in18 months

We can't wait for things to miraculously align for children; that Kindergarten teachers understand English orthography and how the highest number of children learn to read as quickly and easily as possible (and to WANT to read) and some teachers will never be able to understand or effectively implement fabulous whole class programs such as the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. Even when there are no restrictions or resistance eg from policy makers, budget holders or those with a political agenda, there are so many variables that can get in the way of every child reading - and becoming a reader.  Some may not attend school consistently (but they can learn at home!) and some do not have literate parents. To meet the needs of 25+ five-year-olds within the neurodiverse Kindergarten classroom things must change.    

The goal of the AI (Kindergarten) Reading Teacher is to guide over 90% of children OUT OF the explicit phonics instruction phase within months, and actually reading for pleasure.  That would quite literally c
hange the world.
Could you help Miss Emma to bring the AI (Kindergarten) Reading Teacher to life?  

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