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Teaching using SSP
- The Organisation of Learning 

Getting Started - Phase 1 and the
Transition to Phase 2

The Phonemic Awareness (pre-phonics) Focus

Weeks 1 to 3 

Introduction of The Story and SSP characters, Speech Sound Monsters.
Letter (a - z lower case) and Number Formation Whiteboard Lessons
Introduction to Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers
Introduction to the Monster Routine using Phonemes (no graphemes)
Phase 1 video lessons - The GCL Rap as Visual Prompts, Speech Sound Monsters.
2 Minute Monster Video daily. 

Can they blend green level phonemes into words, and segment GCL words into phonemes using Duck Hands? Track this progress from day 1.
If so they are already ready for Phase 2 (add in the graphemes) 

Kylie spoke about this during a Facebook Live session and we have shared a segment (see right) 

Introduce the first 'pictures' of the speech sounds, that the monsters say; start with s a t. By end of week 2 all 6 graphemes have been introduced (s a t p i n) and by week 3 children are reading and writing sentences using s a t p i n and Duck Level 1 words.