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Professor Sugatra Mitra, famous for installing a computer in a Delhi slum in what became known as the Hole-in-the-wall experimentsaid at a conference that children with access to the internet could learn most things by themselves.

Renowned U.S. futurist Dr Thomas Frey has spoken of the “new frontier” of a teacher-less education system and predicted that within a decade there would be a fundamental shift away from teachers as imparters of knowledge to teachers as coaches.

Nothing could be as valuable to a student as a wonderful teacher, however with or without this gift,  we should all have the goal of students directing their own learning.

A great example of 'teacherless teaching tools' are the activities and resources used within the 30 Minute Phonics Program. Every student is working at their level and at their pace. Spaced Repetition is used, with the focus on fully engaging and exciting every brain!

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