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Miss Emma teaches the lessons in the new ICRWY Lessons app!

Learning Whisperers - Rewiring Dyslexic Brains

Children teach some of the lessons too! When your child can read perhaps they would teach some lessons for us. It is not just 'grown-ups' who are Learning Whisperers!


Kensi at 2 and at 5, helping other children. 

Rory - ICRWY Pre-School Pilot 2020 

What do you need, to be a home based Learning Whisperer,
with a 3 - 5 year old? Learn WITH your child using the lessons. 


The ICRWY Kit (Code in a Box) 
The ICRWY Lessons App (now includes the Code Mapping Tool) - all devices (phones, tablets) - links at top of page. 
(Ask if you need PC version)  
SSP Spelling Piano app if you have a tablet 

Start at Phase 1 and follow the lessons with Miss Emma. 
YOU will learn how to teach using this approach, by following the lessons, YOU are not teaching the lessons.

The ICRWY Lessons (with books) takes children into the 'self-teaching' phase.

They have good phonemic awareness skills, a foundation of phonic knowledge, could pass the UK Year 1 Phonics Screener, can read AND SPELL the 300 words that are known to make up 65% of the words children will read and write in primary school, and are INTERESTED in the mapping of words and their etymological markers. They have been using decodable reader and then 1,2,3 and Away! transition readers (concurrently) in order to experience a wide range of texts, extending their personal orthographic learning journey - at their pace. They are getting WHAT they need WHEN they need it. Neurotypical AND neurodivergent learner needs are met.

This is a UNIQUE approach, because Miss Emma is unique. 
Unless you are certain your child is not going to struggle to read and spell in the current education system (if they do not have a brain 'wired' to read and spell without difficulties) then please follow the lessons, with the kit. Don't miss steps because you don't understand it, or it's  'not how I was taught to read'. You may not be neurotypical.

The BRIGHTEST and most articulate children, with highly educated parents who read to them EVERY DAY can struggle without specific intervention that rewires their brains. There are specific things that children need to be able to do, to read and spell, and talking, rhyming, singing and reading to your child (if dyslexic) will not change that. They are brilliant activities to do with any child, but a neurotypical learner with a Specific Learning Difference (we prefer this term to difficulty) needs SPECIFIC support. Miss Emma uses specific language, routines and strategies to target these learning needs. And now Miss Emma is sharing this through the app - 300+ lessons and resources. 
Get the ICRWY Lessons app and Code in a Box Teaching Kit today! 

Prep/ Reception Teacher? You can get a version of this by using the 30 Minute Routine. 


Become a Learning Whisperer!

ssp_training (1).jpg
monster_training (3).jpg

In order to demonstrate mastery the new
'Learning Whisperers: Rewiring Dyslexic Brains in the Early Years' course is being developed and submitted for accreditation.

You do not need to be a teacher to undertake the course, which is targeted for those working with children aged 3 - 6. It is a unique course specifically designed to ensure that the accredited Learning Whisperer understands how to identify children at risk of reading and spelling difficulties, and how to offer the intervention they need so that they start school with brains wired for essential elements of literacy - ie decoding and encoding the English language in written form. 
As a recognised ICRWY Learning Whisperer YOU can help improve global literacy and prevent children from falling through the cracks created by an education system designed predominantly for neurotypical learners.  
Parents can use the ICRWY Lessons app to offer their own child this intervention - and ensure that Miss Emma is able to rewire their dyslexic brains before they are officially diagnosed, and before they even enter a system that may fail them without this intervention.     


Rory in 2022


A Message from Mum!

When our eldest son was in Grade 3 he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Unfortunately by then the damage was done, his reading age was assessed as being below the age of six (he was 8.5 at the time). The most heartbreaking part of his journey was the devastating affect it had on his self esteem.

The psychologist at the time introduced me to the SSP approach, which turned out to be life changing! Under Miss Emma's guidance we cleared the slate and started his journey again at home after school. He warmed very quickly to the approach and in just five weeks he had increased six reading levels. I am extremely proud to announce that he is now in Grade 6 and reading at grade level!! In fact he is doing so well that in his LP meeting recently I was questioned whether he even had a learning disability.

This brings us to Rory, our youngest. From a young age he showed signs of possessing the same strengths and weaknesses as his older brother. Not willing to sit back and watch him suffer the same fate we jumped at the chance to be part of the ICRWY pilot, he was two months shy of his fifth birthday at the time. Now at six he is doing so well, this video is proof of that. This is Rory reading his home reader to me. So proud and so very grateful for Miss Emma and SSP

EDSLIP_ICRWY_neuro.fw (2).png
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