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I Can Read Without You ICRWY Project

'I Can Read Without You' Project

The Mathematical Way to Learn to Read and Spell
The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is the Whole Class System for Teaching Phonics Systematically . 

The 'kick-start' phase is fully differentiated, with  spaced repetition used. Less teaching, more learning. 

I am in the process of creating a 'living document' in the form of a web site for Aussie schools using my method because it's important for me to be able to add new info, activities and research and for teachers to see these changes in real time.
The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is HUGE and can be difficult for those new to it to understand how it all comes together for EVERY child. There is less teaching and more learning than most are used to.  
Children need different things at different times. How can classroom teachers organise this?

The effective whole class reading (and spelling) teacher used the SSP resources, to ensure that every child is learning as  if they are the only child in that classroom.

We are CONCEPT driven. There is a learning flow - of which 'explicit phonics instruction' is just part of the kick-start. 
Many teachers do find this difficult to understand and implement, as used to following a lesson plan (or even a script!) and school leaders can find it difficult to embrace; they do not have the same sense of control over what is happening in the classroom.
Alongside this 'visible' learning journey children will be able to plot their progress; know where they are, and what they need to master next. They are leading their learning. 

All of this would be far easier with the AI Reading Teacher in every classroom to teach the children and make life easier for the vision for the future (and the only way I believe we will eradicate illiteracy) The following clips give an insight into how I successfully teach at least 90% of 5 year olds to read within 12 months, and what I will be 'teaching' the AI Reading Teacher to do within any classroom...anywhere in the world. 

Miss Emma


Whole class teaching that is organised, logical, differentiated and FUN!

This is not  just a FASTER way to learn the mapping of high frequency words, each learner can pause, rewind, or even speed up the learning.
They can't do that to a teacher.

Phonics Readers? Book Bands?

Which readers should I choose?
It really depends on  where the children are, in the learning to read (and spell) process!

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) -  Self-Teaching Reading and Spelling Program - ICRWY
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