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SSP Phase 3

The students are now out of the explicit phonics teaching stage; they can recognise and blend the 100 or so commonly used Grapheme to Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs) tested in the UK Phonics Screener Check, and can read 'Code Level' readers (that only consist of the target GPS and high frequency 'exception' words (a balance of around 80/20)
They have, of course, been exploring other correspondences (incidental learning) using the Speech Sound Wall, which is a visual representation of the phoneme to grapheme correspondences using the Spelling Clouds.
We have always had a focus on decoding fluency with comprehension, and as we move into Phase 3 there is more time; students are no longer watching their Code Level video lessons and demonstrating proficiency with the Coding Poster, so there is now an extra 20 minutes per session. We are aiming to be at this stage by the middle of year 1.   

Spelling Clouds - Build a Speech Sound Wall

Phase 3 is being added to the ICRWY app to further support you, as your teaching partner!
We are moving into the 'self-teaching' phase (Share 1995).

Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach - Systematic Phonics
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