Supporting your child at home; helping them learn to read, write and spell as quickly and easily as possible.

Read to your child from birth ! 

Teach your child to read (and spell!) at home  
Use our new 'Steps to Reading' Program

Facebook Live with Miss Emma - these will continue for pre-school aged children. Please keep checking this page for info. 


Please send clips of your pre-school aged children learning with Steps!

This is Step 1.
The focus is on phonemic awareness.


Message to teachers wanting to best support their SSP students
during school closures. Lessons for P - 2 with Miss Emma. 12 Month School Membership - Buy Now for the Team.

If you are a self-funding teacher (bless you!!) use this option instead

 Parents can buy that option as well. 12 month access.

If you are a member you can give your parents the password to the dedicated parent's page there, so they can access the
Core Phonics and HFW Lessons and Bookcase from computers. 
Students will need to watch these videos in between Miss Emma's Code Level lessons. 

Green Code Level / Purple Code Level / Yellow Code Level/ Blue Code Level

Please send home the A3 coding poster and small pack of Monster cards (so they have access to ALL spelling choices)
If you don't have enough sets contact us about bulk buys.
Parents can also buy a Coding Poster and Monster Card Pack Bundle online for
AU$37.50 plus GST and Postage. They are posted from the UK or Australia, for $9.

Children spend around 90 seconds to 2 minute on each activity. They love a buzzer, as used in the classroom.
Set it to 2 minutes, and then they have about 10 seconds to 'rub it off, rub it off' before the next activity. They will need a whiteboard and pen.

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