Teaching your child at home; helping them learn to read, write and spell as quickly and easily as possible.

Read to your child from birth ! 

Please watch this video!

This is how we explain SSP to student parents in Key Stage One (lower primary)

Children take pictures of speech sounds, with their Magic Speech Sound Cameras. What might the 'Sound Pics'look like, in written words? Let's Code Map! Mapping Speech Sounds with Sound Pics.

Miss Emma introduces the approach to children, as she would when teaching Steps to Reading pre-school groups (face to face) The way it is all introduced makes sense to even very young children (and to parents new to teaching reading and spelling!) 'It Just Makes Sense' When the UK 're-opens' she will film her groups, in the Reading Hut.


Please send clips of your pre-school aged children learning with Steps!

This is Maya!

SSP Orange
The focus is on phonemic awareness.


Getting Started. Teaching children to read and spell using a 'speech to print' approach that is multi-sensory, playful and child centred. 


Children move through ORANGE (Step 1) to  GREEN - PURPLE - YELLOW - BLUE - SELF-TEACHING STAGE  


This is the same routine we follow in Kindergarten and Year 1 classrooms. 

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