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Monster Mapping Handbook Print File (1)_Page_15.jpg

SSP Number Formation!

The children start forming numbers 1- 10 in the first 4 weeks of Reception / Prep as they need to write the 'speech sound numbers' within the first 2 weeks, spelling satpin words using the Monster Spelling Routine.
The number formation phrases help with starting points, direction and exits. 

This is in the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook, and the video lesson in the ICRWY Lessons app (and for PC)

Monster Mapping Handbook Print File (1)_Page_15.jpg

Children learn the Monster (Spelling) Routine and use numbers as 'Speech Sound Numbers'.

Duck Hands, (Speech Sound) Lines and Numbers! is an integral 

SSP Spelling Strategy - Monster Routine

Lara and Spencer were in the 2020 ICRWY pilot for 3 and 4 year olds in Australia


I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project Pilot 2020
Ready Ready Brains

The Reading Hut
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