Code Mapping Software


The software is going to be groundbreaking. Instead of typing and seeing the IPA, you can type and see the words segmented (our patented 'Code Mapping' technique) and can also choose to see the monsters or monster words etc- possibilities are endless. Teacherless Teaching! Any child who knows the monsters can read and spell any word.

I'm so excited!!

If its an abbreviation / not a word in the dictionary, then there will be brackets - or words to check...But it's like an extension of the IPA, that a 3-year-old can use. So they can learn how our speech sounds map on paper without having to have a parent at home who speaks or reads English.


Code Mapping is a patented technique.
With the software we can Code Map any text.
This dyslexic student is learning to spell. 



SSP Code Mapped text - Code Mapping Software from Miss Emma, SSP. Speech Sound Pics Approach.