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Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach Training

Speech Sound Pics
(SSP) Approach Training

Do you work with children? Speech pathologist? Educational Psychologist? SENcO?
Early Years Teacher?
Or want to train for your own child? No prior quals or experience required. 

Sign up for the weekend training course and display your certificate with pride. It demonstrates that you are part of a DIFFERENT way to improve speech & language skills COMBINED with orthographic learning; Code Mapping and Monster Mapping are empowering for ALL learners (at any stage of their literacy learning journey!)

The SSMM course includes 10 hours of in-person training over one weekend 
( 10 - 4pm with breaks, Saturday and Sunday)
or choose the online option - 4 x 2.5 hour sessions on Teams or Zoom.

Located in the UK? Request a quote for in-house training with Miss Emma

Training with schools and organisations overseas please request a quote and book your own dates and times.


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