Playing 'Speech Sound Detective'

I write children a poem when we find a new 'Sound Pic' to put in the Spelling Clouds, and after about 10 years of this we have all spelling choices for all phonemes But look at the engagement; children are using product boxes etc to discover sound pics (graphemes) they didnt already know.

So you see a child realising the /ti/ in the word 'traditional' represents that (sh) sound and the sp in the word raspberries represents the (z) sound.

So you want them to figure out which grapheme maps with the phonemes then put out a load of product boxes, or images with the word so they know what is it (word knowledge) and can see the mapping and map with the sounds. They can say it and HEAR the difference, even when the graphemes may be the same. Imagine the learning that takes place here; without you saying a thing!

Less teaching, more learning. 

It's, of course, easier to also see the Speech Sound (phoneme) Monsters, to be sure of phonemes.

We're also doing this every day within Activity 2 of the Speedy Six Spelling Program.

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