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The Speech Sound Connection!

Miss Emma is worried about the number of children who do not learn to read in the UK (1 in 4 can't read by grade 6) and how many do not read for pleasure.

Head over to The Reading Hut to see what she is doing about it, with 2 year olds.
She is also supporting parents of 2 year olds in Australia - like Avery!  

The Spelling Piano app with Speech Sound Monsters!

Emma Hartnell-Baker aka The Neurodivergent Learning Whisperer, has a BEd Hons (Early Years Specialism) Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs and is undertaking doctoral research with the University of Reading, in the UK.   

'Miss Emma' has an obsession with 'The Speech Sound Connection': bridging spoken and written English, in ways that enable children to learn independently and be fully engaged. The I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project from The Reading Hut Ltd includes the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach (Australia) and now the I Can Speak Without You (ICSWY) Project for nonspeaking children around the world!

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