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Learning the ABCs

Science of Reading
- Letter teaching order?

This is a question I am asked a lot! There are 26 letters of the alphabet and they are used to represent speech sounds (phonemes) on paper. When used to represent speech sounds (pictures of speech sounds) they are called graphemes. 

Using the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach all but 2 words are easily Code Mapped ie the letters to the sounds.  This makes so much sense to even very young children that we have 2 Parents and Learning Whisperer online support groups, so that YOU can send your child to school with great phonemic awareness and a solid foundation of phonic knowledge. They understand 'letter sounds' - and are either reading or well on their way. Importantly, you will know if they are at risk of difficulties eg dyslexic. 
So what order do we teach the letters? The graphemes?   

This is our grapheme teaching order.  It aligns well with Letters and Sounds (UK) Using the 30 minute routine with 4 'stations' the children in our classrooms learn at their pace. A child can be learning the Green Code Level graphemes, reading Green Code Level readers to reinforce, while another is already on the Blue Code Level.

After Phase 1 (which last 1 - 2 weeks and helps us identify which children are at risk of reading difficulties, and start the dyslexia intervention) they move to the 30 Minute Routine.
They learn the graphemes using the Coding Poster video lesson, which is about 5 minutes long and then demonstrate grapheme recognition, grapheme blending, and sentence reading themselves, with the teacher as a guide (noting progress)

Anyone can do the 30 Minute Daily Phonics training. All children need are Code Level readers, the Coding Poster video (which you can access via your tablet or phone in the ICRWY Lessons or ICRWY Code Mapping Tool app) the A3 plastic Coding Poster, a whiteboard and pen, and the Fry booklets. 

The reason we want children OUT of this explicit teaching phase (with differentiated learning) is because with a Foundation of Phonics Knowledge the children are more likely to reach the 'self-teaching' phase regardless of what teachers are doing in later grades. This foundation 'kick starts' the process 


The child learning the Green Code Level graphemes is also reading Green Code Level decodable readers. They ONLY have those target graphemes and a few Code Mapped high frequency words (shown on the front). 
This reduces cognitive load, and improves decoding fluency before the addition of new graphemes and concepts. 

Miss Emma has written these so you have FREE options

Can't easily pass the UK Phonics Screener Check? Use the 30 Minute Routine - in Learning Support or Kindergarten.
You just need 4 laptops or tablets with splitters for headphones. 

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