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Free Phonics (Code Level) Texts
SSP Grapheme Code Mapped Readers
I Can Read Without You! (ICRWY) Project

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Texts are only 'decodable' to the learner if they are familiar with all of the graphemes in all of the words. This is why the ICRWY SSP 'Code Level' readers align with the explicit phonics teaching order, and any high-frequency words are shown on the front cover, Code Mapped (to show the graphemes) Decoding is therefore the primary strategy for 'reading' the booklets. 

Use our Code Mapped 'transition readers' when they reach the Yellow Code level. Anyone following the ICRWY lessons app is guided through the process - ie from using 'decodable readers' to 'authentic texts' with fluency and comprehension. Use the 30 Minute Routine to facilitate differentiated learning. 

Because trained ICRWY 'Learning Whisperers' follow our Scope and Sequence - guiding students through their orthographic learning journey, and into the 'self-teaching' phase,
over 85% of students lucky enough to be in their Reception/ Prep classrooms will be reading independently before the end of their first academic year, and be able to pass the UK Phonics Screener Check (PSC).   

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