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Developing Orthographic Knowledge - DOK Daily with Miss Emma - Speech Sound (IPA) Monsters!
DOK Daily - create a dedicated learning space if possible

Create a dedicated learning space if possible, with A5 Spelling Clouds for Walls. Each student needs a Monster Spelling Mat and A3 Spelling Cloud Mat - along with the SSP Spelling Piano app for Monster Screen. 

When they know the Spelling Cloud order the Spelling Cloud Keyring is ideal : they can then keep exploring English Orthography wherever they go, between sessions!

ICRWY Tutors include these two activities daily - DOK Daily - to overcome phonemic awareness deficits and develop orthographic knowledge. These are essential skills if learners are to reach the 'orthographic mapping' stage ie they can read words without conscious effort, and retrieve words to spell them correctly. At this stage most learning is implicit - and learning increases simply by reading!    

You will also need the ICRWY Lessons app - use the Code Mapping Tool to check the mapping of words. 
If children need to quickly learn the 100 or so commonly used GPS (tested in the PSC) then use the lessons there.
If children cannot read and spell high frequency words over 400 are mapped within lessons in the app. 

Join the Support Group - - download monstered words and use these within the Monster Routine (so you are confident with the mapping) 

Training is here  -  

Monster Spelling Routine - DOK Daily
Developing Orthographic Knowledge - Join the Orthographic Mapping Support Group
Follow the Monster Sounds to Say the Word
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