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Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping with Miss Emma

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Orthographic Learning for Toddlers - Reading Ready Brains with Emma Hartnell-Baker, Miss Emma
  • (1) Red
  • (1a) Green
  • (1b) Roger Red Hat and Mrs Green's hat
  • (2) Blue
  • (2a) Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Brown
  • (2b) Billy Blue Hat and the Snowman
  • (3) Yellow
  • (3a) Roger and the Ball
  • (3b) Jennifer Yellow Hat and the White cat
  • (4) Brown
  • (4a) Roger and the Bus
  • (4b) Jennifer Yellow Hat and Mr Brown's goat
  • (5) One, Two, Three
  • (5a) I See Green
  • (5b) four five six
  • (6) Roger, Billy, Jennifer and Johnny
  • (6a) No, Percy Green!
  • (6b) Seven Geese
  • (7) Big and Little
  • (7a) The Yellow Cat and the Brown Dog
  • (7b) The big man and the little mouse
  • (8) Houses
  • (8a) Jennifer and the Yellow Cat
  • (8b) Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
  • (9) The Little Yellow Cat and The Little Brown Mouse
  • (9a) Stop it, Percy Green!
  • (9b) Stop cried alex
  • (10) The Cat, the Mouse, the Dog and the Frog
  • (10a) Alex at the fair
  • (10b) Roger at the fair
  • (11) Billy went to school
  • (11a) Billy's Picture
  • (11b) Billy Blue-hat and the red mask
  • (12) Jennifer went to school
  • (12a) The donkey went to school
  • (12b) Roger and the frog

1,2,3 and Away! Pre-Readers