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Speech Sound Monsters - Monster Mapping with Miss Emma

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Orthographic Learning for Toddlers - Reading Ready Brains with Emma Hartnell-Baker, Miss Emma
  • (A) Roger Red Hat
  • (B) Billy Blue-Hat
  • (C) Johnny and Jennifer Yellow-Hat
  • (D) The Old Man
  • (E) Jennifer Yellow-Hat Went out in the Sunshine
  • (F) Jennifer Went Out in the Dark
  • (G) Roger and Rip
  • (H) Roger and the Pond
  • (I) Roger and Mrs Blue-Hat
  • (J) Roger and the Little Mouse
  • (K) Sita and Ramu
  • (L) Jennifer Yellow-hat Went to Town
  • (M) The donkey went to town
  • (N) Percy Green
  • (O) The Little Brown Mouse Went out in the Dark
  • (P) Mrs Blue-Hat and the Little Brown Mouse

1,2,3 and Away! Introductory Reader Set