Steps to Reading (and Spelling) Program
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Facebook Live and Pre-Recorded Sessions with Miss Emma 

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When ready (after doing what is on this page) go to the Green Code level and keep moving through!

Facebook Live Session 1
- The Introduction 



Download the file ready for our next session and to practice at home! Use 'Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers' for any words.

Think which Speech Sound Monsters would sit on the lines if you had them all ! (Tell adults to ignore letters and focus on the actual sounds used - don't make them 'fit' as you know how to spell the word.

An 'uh' sound that feels like the mouth is less open than when we use the Blue Cow eg u/p is probably the Silly Schwa. It's a bit more of an uh 'grunt'! Watch the 2 Minute Monster video every day if you have no idea of what I just wrote lol) 


Learn the Monster Sounds using the 2 Minute Monster Video either on the Parent's Page (videos at bottom of page) or in the SSP Monster Mapping app.

Learn the Visual Prompt words. These are all built using just s a t p i n

Watch the Phase 1 videos in the SSP Monster Mapping app.

'Follow the Monster Sounds to Say the Words' on the Visual Prompt chart with Monsters.

Become familiar with the Green Level Rap 


Make sure you are forming the s a t p i n letters correctly, ready for the Green Code Level. 

Watch these in the
SSP Monster Mapping app 

Facebook Live Session 2 - Introducing the 'pictures of the speech sounds'


Please send us photos and videos of the children!


Focus on lower case letter and number 1 - 10 formation

These lessons are to reinforce the lessons in the SSP Monster Mapping app.
This was added to the Green Code Level channel, for example. 
They are to interest the child, and give you ideas!

More Step 1 / SSP Orange Level Lessons coming soon.

Speedy Paired Decoding. You can do this with the Monster Sentences too (pre-phonics) 

Very old SSP Intro (online) lessons can be seen below
They are to transition children through to the SSP Green Code Level


This is the same routine we follow in Kindergarten and Year 1 classrooms. 

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