Peggy Pencil - Letter Formation for the Neurodiverse Classroom

Latest SSP I Can Read WIthout You (ICRWY) Project app lesson - here is a snap shot!

The new Peggy Pencil letter formation video lessons for tablets and whiteboards has been produced to support teachers with a neurodiverse classroom. There is a booklet app users can download, print and laminate.

The pen is shown for left and right handers (yes it matters!) Background colours etc selected to be likely easier on the eye for certain neurodiverse learners, as well as instruction format (short, consistent, predictable, repetitive, multisensory)

Use with Peggy Pencil Booklet at first so they practice with the letters and words, and trace over - then move to paper books and pencils when ready (and by then they know what is coming next) Break it up - 10 minutes each day - eg (a - h) one day, (i - r) the next etc.

Concepts are made clear for neurodiverse learners - issues that can cause confusion within traditional phonics instruction eg although the letters have names they can represent speech sounds on paper - but THIS DEPENDS ON THE WORD. Little value in just showing a letter and asking a neurodiverse child to say a sound - as you see so often with 'teacher at front of class' phonics, with all children going through a list of graphemes as if all only correspond with ONE phoneme. Letters are used in words - not isolated - so meaningful. Phonemic awareness is developed. They can't learn phonics without it! ICRWY apps for parents, tutors and schools -

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