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A3 Coding Poster
(write on it, and use with whiteboard) and
2 Packs Spelling Cards

This is a great starter pack for parents. Use with a vide membership and teach your child to read. 

The A3 Coding Poster is used to teach phonemic awareness, 100+ high-frequency graphemes (recognition and formation) and to give children daily opportunities to blend these graphemes in words, and in whole sentences using the 100+ high-frequency words. The graphemes are straight systematically in 4 'Code Levels'. 
In class they spend around 90 seconds on each activity, so the class works on the same activity but at their
Code Level and pace. This is called 'spaced repetition'. 

To achieve optimum learning the children watch their Code Level video first (around 6 minutes) and then do the coding poster independently. Teachers use a buzzer in class, when children stop an activity, rub off, and start the next!
Also use the SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads.

They also further extend these code level skills using 'code level' decodable readers. 

Download the free Decodable Reader guide.  Use the Member Bookcase 

Every child needs their own Phonics Coding Poster and a Sound Wall

Or add a Spelling Cloud Keyring to your order! 



Build a Sound Wall

Set of Spelling Clouds
Generic 46 Clouds

AU$65 plus GST and Postage


Spelling Clouds for Walls, Spelling Cloud Keyring, Desk Top Mats and more!

Visit the shop or let us know what you need! We ship from the UK and Australia.


400+ Code Mapped 
and Monster Mapped HFW
400+ High-Frequency
Words on a keyring

All spelling choices on a keyring

Use with the Sight Word Videos

Bundle 7

Speedy Sight Word Handbook
Spelling Cloud  Keyring
Duck Level Word Keyring

AU$95 plus GST and Postage

Code in a Box - @Home Phonics - for Parents - Steps to Reading Kit

AU$195 plus GST and Postage

Recommended for parents and anyone new to SSP. Teach your child to read and spell in the early years. This is the kit parents buy before starting Miss Emma's Steps to Reading Playgroups.

* For a limited time only a chant strip!

Purchased Individually, the kit would cost :

A4 Monster Mapping Kit - Photocopiable Resource Book - $65
(Getting Started) Includes SSP whiteboard.

2 Packs Monster Cards - $35 /

Sight Words Done Differently Handbook (400+ words) $75

Decodable Texts - Pocket Rocket Mini Readers - $35

A4 Coding Posters - 4 Phonics Code Levels - $22.50

A4 Spelling Cloud mat - sold separately $20

Total would be over $252.50 if items bought separately.

Get the SSP Monster Mapping app with this, for student videos.

Teach your child to read and spell with the kit. Also suitable as an intervention for students with dyslexia.


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Build a Speech Sound Wall with the SSP Spelling Clouds