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These videos are used to support those teaching using Miss Emma's
techniques and activities, to teach children to read and spell.
The videos themselves are not a stand-alone program

Looking for a stand-alone program? The ICRWY program launches in October. 

Teaching your child to read and spell BEFORE they start school.


Who is Miss Emma?

'Miss Emma' The Reading Whisperer
Talking to an interviewer in Australia about improving literacy levels
Miss Emma divides her time between the UK and Australia.
She is a former OFSTED Inspector, working for the UK government.
BEd Hons (Early Years 3 - 8 Specialism)
MA Special Educational Needs
Doctoral Student (Early Intervention for Dyslexia research focus)

Speech Sound Monsters are an alternative to a phonetic symbol. We take 'pictures' of these speech sounds, and use them to talk on paper. The pictures we use depend on the word. We store all of the Speech Sound Monster's 'sound pictures (Sound Pics) in their Spelling Cloud. 

Do you have a Spelling Cloud Wall?

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