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Phonics app for ipads SSP

Is your child learning phonics systematically at school, and using SSP or Letters and Sounds (s a t p i n m etc) to learn graphemes systematically? They are learning commonly used grapheme to phoneme correspondences (GPCs) and reading phonics books / decodable readers to practice blending them quickly, so that they can read the words with automaticity. 
The SSP Spelling Piano app is a fantastic resource for parents with tablets! 

SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads and Android tablets


We use a range of 'hands on' (multisensory) activities to speed up orthographic learning
They all align with the SSP grapheme teaching order


Emma Hartnell-Baker is a former OFSTED Inspector (Early Years) and managed two 'outstanding' nurseries 
for eight years in Nottingham. She has a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs and is completing doctoral studies at the University of Reading with a research focus on early literacy intervention using technology. 'Miss Emma' is passionate about play-based learning, and is currently working on EDSLiP - Early Dyslexia Screening and Literacy Intervention Project.

She is currently focused on the early years through The Reading Hut, to ensure that as many children as possible start school with Reading Ready Brains ie good phonemic awareness and an understanding that speech sounds map with pictures of speech sounds within written language
. Reading Ready Brains is an approach designed to embrace learning differences.  


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