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ICRWY Student Lessons for PCs.

Parents can access these resources in the ICRWY Lessons app - App Store and Google Play.
Please ask about using this app at school! 


Thank you  to those who had the School membership option.

Moving forward - when it has expired - please use the IC
RWY Lessons app
instead - $5.50 per month for 2 devices.
Email for bespoke quote and payment link dependent on how many devices you would like to use the ICRWY lessons
app on (eg 50 is $195, 100 is $295 per year, 200 is $395, 500 is $495 per year) 
It will be easier if children can use the same app at home as at school. 
You could give parents a login as part of your device allocation.

Daily Lessons

Coding Poster, Speedy Sight Words, Monster Sounds 

Let's go!
Children who can't yet read - not at the implicit learning phase (yet) - ICRWY Project
Miss Emma The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer - Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach
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