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ICRWY Student Lessons for PCs.

Parents can access these resources in the ICRWY Lessons app - App Store and Google Play.

Daily Lessons

Coding Poster, Speedy Sight Words, Monster Sounds 

Let's go!

Resources for Parents - Home Support

If you have a subscription you will be sent the password for Prep/ Year 1 parents, so that they can access this page, and support their children at home. Give them the link -
Email if you have not received it. 

They will have access to:
Parent information video

Pop it in the Box file to set up the two Phase 1 activities shown below
(these help parents not only understand segmenting and blending but also 'Duck Hands' and the Speech Sound Monsters - please recommend the SSP Spelling Piano app for tablets if they have one)
*2 Minute Monsters / 7 Minute Monsters - learn the sounds.
* The Monster (Spelling) Routine strip for Phase 1- how to do it!
Number Formation Video and Sheet

Phase 2
*The 4 Coding Poster video lessons
(100 or so high frequency graphemes)
*Sound Pic Chants - Graphemes tested in Year 1 Phonics Screener
*7 Duck Level words (400+ Code Mapped High Frequency Words)
*Spelling Cloud Poems. 
*Sight Word check flip book 

They can access FREE Code Level readers and Transition Readers on the Reading Hut web site. 

The Monster Spelling Routine will be used
throughout primary school.

If parents understand Code Mapping and Speedy Paired Code Mapping they can really help at home (and in the classroom if they have time to volunteer!)
The child follows the sounds in Code Level readers, and the parent does it with texts the child cannot (yet) decode themselves

Pause the Chants video and let them practice saying the Speech Sounds and words with Duck Hands and the
Number and Letter Formation Phrases

Parents can support their child, to learn the 400+ High Frequency Words before the end of Prep. The Speedy Sight Words video lessons and also the Speech Sound Monster videos are included  
They will not only recognise the 'sight words' quickly but also be able to spell them correctly when writing. This has additional advantages - they can start the 'transition readers' earlier, and decode with fluency and comprehension more easily (less working memory is being used to decode words, and more connections are being made via implicit orthographic learning)

Teachers don't have the time to support 25 or so children, so they can work through the 400+ words at their pace - so it can be really helpful if they have access at home.
Children can also work through them
independently, with a phone or other device. They can whizz through them in the car for 5 minutes on the way home! 
Because so many correspondences are discovered within these words, that are not covered in the 4 phonics levels, they are incredibly useful! 

rs can create a check list, and parents help record which of the Duck Levels the child has mastered. 

There is also a PM benchmarking option - PM 1 - 10, 11 - 15 and 16 - 20

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