Parents as Teaching Partners

If parents and carers use the resources at home, for example, the 'Chants' video lesson, their child can pass the UK phonics screener check in weeks rather than months (or years!)
They can also help their child read and spell the Fry words, using booklets and video lessons. 300 words make up 65% of the words the children will need to read and spell!

The school pays for access - parents can access the ICRWY Lessons app resources for the whole academic year. It only costs the school $2 per student. Parents as Teaching Partners!    

Download the sheet, ask parents to register, close the app when asked to pay (it is $5.50 per month when not using the Parents as Teaching Partners option) and then give you their email.

When you have the class list send it to us for an invoice, and we will approve their access. Even though they closed the app at the payment pop up they will have free access!

Just AU$2 US$ or £1 for each student for the academic year! Parents can then support their child at home - phonics and high-frequency word video lessons, decodable and transition readers!

Most children will learn to read with the app, even if their parents or carers do not speak or read in English.
It has been developed for dyslexic learners by a neurodivergent educator who is not contained by conventional thinking. If children aren't learning to read in school (there could be a wide range of reasons) - or aren't attending school regularly - then let's offer them a way to learn at home, without help.
If they want to learn to read they will. You don't even need to use SSP at school.  

ICRWY Lessons app - Parents as Teaching Partners

They can access these resources - and more!


Support at home is invaluable

Send home resources eg Monser cards, Chant Strips or Coding Posters - or order extras - you could also add to book lists etc.


Even if you don't get any hard copy resources for the kids to take home, they can learn at home JUST with the app. There are also links in the app to download free stuff at home. Parents and carers shouldn't need to buy ANYTHING.

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