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Parents of 3 - 5 year oldas Learning Whisperers

Learning Whisperers - Rewiring Dyslexic Brains in the Early Years

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arents as Teaching Partners

Schools pay AU$2 / US$1 per student for the whole academic year! 
Students access the ICRWY lessons app on up to 2 devices at home.
They can learn to read and spell at home. Without families having to pay for anything themselves.  

Online Class

'My ultimate goal is also to help parents and carers learn to read alongside their child, if they are not yet functionally literate. Schools can help families improve reading and spelling skills, not just their students.
Let's make this a community effort - an online learning village that is fully inclusive'
Miss Emma 

Parents as Learning Whisperers
- Children who have not yet started school
Follow Phase 1 on

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project
The Foundation of Phonic Knowledge - ICRWY Project

Not every school will have leaders who understand the Speech Sound Monsters, let alone their role in wiring ALL brains for reading and spelling. Not every school will have Learning Whisperers to actually do this!
Learning Whisperers are Rewiring Dyslexic Brains - SSP ICRWY teachers support and celebrate the needs of ALL learners within the neurodiverse classroom. In case your child isn't at a school that uses the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach and Speech Sound Monsters we will support YOU. After all, YOU are the best advocate for your child.

Learning Whisperers - Rewiring Dyslexic Brains in the Early Years
Embracing Neurodiversity - Celebrating and Supporting Specific Learning Differences - ICRWY
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