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Intro to the Online Training 

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What’s a Word?
What’s a Sentence?
Capital Letters
What’s a Full Stop?
What’s a Comma?
What’s an Apostrophe?
The Inverted Comma
Speech Marks
The Question Mark
The Exclamation Mark
The Semicolon
The Colon


Ideally add in an A3 Coding Poster per school aged child, and a Spelling Cloud Mat. 


Get the SSP Monster Mapping app (AU$20) to watch student videos and the free SSP Spelling Piano app if you have an ipad. 

Phase 1
You will need:

Kit Handbook, SSP Monster Mapping app.
Focus on these videos

Skill Focus 
Learn the first 6 Monster Sounds.

Learn the Green Level Visual Prompts.

Duck Hand the Green Level Words

During Phase 1 they practice drawing the Sound Pics, but don't move to Phase 2 (adding in the Speech Sound Pics to activities) until they can 'follow the Monster Sounds to say the words' and do the Green Level Monster Routine as shown above. 

When you reach this stage the child has a brain 'wired' to learn to read and spell at school, even if the teacher does not use SSP. 

You can continue into Phase 2 -  use your pass to   

Follow Kensi and others on their own SSP Monster Mapping® learning journey. Send us your clips, as we would love to add them to our pages, to inspire others ! Teaching children to read, write and spell using SSP Code Mapping® and Monster Mapping® are playful and fun. When Monster Mapping® is introduced in the Early Years we can save children a lot of heart ache, especially if they are Dyslexic, as the program was created by Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer ®, as an early Communication, Language and Literacy intervention.  


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