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Orthographic Knowledge

Unlocking and Enhancing
Orthographic Knowledge

In the journey of teaching phonics, we support children in mapping speech sounds (phonemes) to graphemes (letters or letter strings), a foundational skill that applies to all written words. Understanding this correspondence is key for children to identify spelling patterns, to foster 'orthographic knowledge,' and to eventually read words automatically. This skill is rooted in 'Orthographic Mapping'—the process where countless words are stored in the brain's orthographic lexicon. When we encounter a word like 'hieght' instead of 'height,' our brains naturally signal a mismatch, even though it may seem to follow the 'i before e except after c' rule.

Ortho-Graphix is designed to enhance teachers' orthographic knowledge, equipping them with advanced tools to effectively guide students through the complexities of English spelling and reading.

Mapping Grapheme-to-Phonemes and Phonemes-to-Graphemes!
Orthographic Knowledge Teacher Training 2024


In 2024, empowering teachers with Orthographic Knowledge training is our foremost goal, equipping them to elevate their students' literacy to new heights.

IPA - Ortho-Graphix

Ortho-Graphix expands on 'code mapping': unlocking orthographic knowledge for students, facilitating the intricate process of orthographic mapping for the rapid recognition and recall of words.

For teachers of phonics, it not only enhances but also advances teaching methodologies, ensuring they can meet and exceed the learning needs of their students. Given that many phonics educators may lack essential orthographic awareness, prioritising Ortho-Graphix training becomes imperative even if not using Speech Sound Monsters.

The four SSP Code Levels

Phonics programs only teach around 100 of the Grapheme to Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs)
eg the 4 'Code Levels' Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach teachers teach in Reception.

Readers are familiar with words that have GPCs not explicitly taught as they have developed orthographic knowledge, and can read words like 'village' without conscious effort.

Ortho-Graphix bridges the gap between the learning that takes place within systematic phonics programs and  fills in the gaps to unlock the orthographic knowledge needed to facilitate orthographic mapping.

Ortho-Graphix Interactive Library
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