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My Child is Struggling to Read and/ or Spell Independently

This clip shows children working with ONE Code Mapped book. Within the free KS2 Intervention over 100 are available.

Strategies to dramatically improve spelling skills also
offered. Get the SSP Spelling Piano app for tablets and start learning the Speech Sound Monster Sounds!  


Intervention - - launched April 17th

Ideal for Grade 2 students who have had 2 years of synthetic phonics instruction and still can't read - or they can read reasonably well but their spelling skills are poor.

Many have only had limited exposure to the Universal Spelling Code
- because of the the programme used, and reading material restricted to decodable texts.
The Word Recognition Intervention will help bridge the gap between (phonics) Code Level and authentic texts, and help to facilitate more of the skills needed to become a skilled reader, as seen in the Active View of Reading.     

DfE guidance - synthetic phonics
Healthy reading growth - enbracing the Active View of Reading
Healthy reading growth - ICRWY - enbracing the Active View of Reading
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The ICRWY Lessons app might be useful

The Spelling Piano app

for tablets might be useful

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