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Monster Mapping®

Come to our FUN, hands-on WORKSHOPS in Australia and the UK!


We can Code Map anything! Their favourite books, songs...

Code Mapping® shows students how each written word is segmented into graphemes (Sound Pics®)
Monster Mapping® shows students which speech sounds (phonemes) each Sound Pic® represents. They can work out words without help, by 'following the Monster Sounds to Say the Word'

2 and 3 year olds

They can also read whole sentences using just
the Speech Sound Monsters ! This is a fun way to practice blending phonemes, even before phonics,
to develop phonemic awareness.

SSP 'Duck Hands'® are also used, as a multi-sensory way to segment and blend these speech sounds, and further develop phonemic awareness. All three tools help students learn to read and spell more easily.