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Mapped! Free Word Recognition Intervention - The Village with Three Corners

Pupils who arrive in secondary school as poor readers are likely to continue to struggle. in 2022, 41% of year 6 pupils in England left primary school without meeting the expected standards in literacy and maths – 275,000 11-year-olds, according to researchers at the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) thinktank - 50,000 more than in 2019. We cannot blame this on the pandemic - 27% failed to meet the minimum expected standard in reading in the 2018 and 2019 year. 

Although a national parental strategy would be a great idea, the reality is that a solution is needed NOW, and a lot of parents can't help. They can't read either. 
Illiteracy in the UK is a big problem. 

Miss Emma is releasing a solution to improve Word Recognition, and will find the funding so that MAPPED! can be offered in the UK to PARENTS of struggling KS2 children, for free. 'It takes a Village to raise a reader - The Village with Three Corners
Email to express an interest or get involved. 

Mapped Words - ICRWY

Has your child failed the UK Phonics Screening Check?(less than 32 out of 40)
Try the 2019 test 

Use the SSP Phonics Screener Check Assessment Tool to check for learning gaps

Do they have difficulties reading this? (slow, robotic, having to 'sound out' some of the words rather than saying them with automaticity?)
This does not include Phase 5 GPCs so should be relatively easy to read before the end of year 1.
Are they used to seeing the mapping of 'high frequency words' (said, who, was etc)
If not, Miss Emma's MAPPED! Word Recognition Intervention may be worth a try.

The Village with Three Corners - Word Recognition Intervention
The Village With Three Corners

It is our experience that most children who struggle to read have huge issues in the Word Recognition section (See the Active View of Reading). In the UK -  unlike in the USA, for example - this is not because there is a lack of explicitly and systematically  taught phonics, but HOW taught, and also how high frequency words are taught.
MAPPED! is a Word Recognition Intervention for KS2 children not yet reading.
The Thomas Project was designed for Prep children in 2016, with ONE book! This word recognition intervention includes over 100. They can follow it at home without needing adult help. Could you help support this in the UK? Email Miss Emma  

Code Mapping - MAPPED! Word Recognition Intervention from The Reading Hut

Miss Emma has been supporting Aussie schools (for free) for years. This clip was uploaded in 2016, after she created the Thomas Project for a teacher in Brisbane in 2015. 

This clip shows the impact of using just one book!
Within MAPPED there will soon be over 100. 
The children start at Book 1 and just keep going. They have already had two years of Systematic, Synthetic Phonics in Key Stage One.
You can see how it works - they see the Code Mapped words, hear the sounds and see the graphemes (speech sound pics) and then have a go themselves!

This helps to overcome phonemic awareness deficits, and highlight the mapping of high frequency words (these make up the majority of words children read and write) Their word recognition skills improve quickly which makes it easier to focus on the other skills!
When they usually read at school so much working memory is usually being used to just figure out the words. Code Mapping changes that for them, and they can do it alone. 
This is a unique approach - developed by Miss Emma (developer of  The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach in Australia) and puts to good use her Code Mapping Tool (available in the ICRWY Lessons app) 

Like our SSP students in Australia, the students will develop mastery of these high frequency Sound Pics® (graphemes) - using the video lessons. Miss Emma is teaching them, so no physical teacher required! At the Yellow Code Level the children can start our 'transition readers' - the Village with Three Corners. So if your child can read the Braintree Forest (Yellow Code Level) phonics reader (even if without confidence) then Mapped Words® would be ideal as they will revisit prior GPCs but get the PA work their brains need, and also 'shift' the direction of their learning journey to allow for deeper orthographic awareness and independence.  

You can see the Speech Sound Monsters® in the Code Level video - each says an English Speech Sound. Our 2, 3 and 4 year olds learn to read because they understand Monster Mapping®. They can figure out unfamiliar words, like 'hallucination' or 'gallimaufry' because of this dual-mapping. The Code Mapping shows where each new grapheme starts, and the Monster Mapping shows the 'sound value' of each grapheme. As our children have such good phonemic awareness and working memory they can blend the sounds - even if it is a really long word! They only need to see it 1 - 3 times for it to be stored in long term memory (see 'self-teaching' (Share) and 'orthographic mapping' (Ehri) They see the word Code and Monster Mapped, to figure out the word, then they practice mapping the word without the monsters, and then without code mapping OR monster mapping. They can later write the word when asked (a day or month later) They use this system for any words - even though they are only 4 years old. 

In the MAPPED Word Recognition Intervention we do not use the Speech Sound Monsters.
Miss Emma uses Speech Sound Monsters® them when tutoring NeuroReadies (DIFFERENT Tutoring) - and they are of course used by our Reading Ready Brains children. We couldn't get them reading and spelling words so easily otherwise. It's useful to understand Monster Mapping® though; if your child had been taught that way in KS1 they would likely not be struggling in KS2.       

Mapped! Word Recognition Intervention

* Quick mastery of the GPCs covered in KS1.
* Quick mastery of 400+ high frequency words
(to read and spell) 
* Improved engagement and confidence

They will start at Book 1 and keep going.


If parents are literate, engaged and willing they can do some extra activities - explained in the MAPPED Members area. If not, no worries. 

Anyone can help children get set up and logged in.
Anyone can help a child with the lessons - with no prior experience of teaching required. Emotional support would be fantastic though:-)      

4 year old exploring the grapheme to 
phoneme mapping of the letter /a/
The letter /a/ can map with 9 sounds...

Speech Sound Monsters were introduced to Australian schools in 2014/5? Children love them! Most adults don't understand them. Lack of understanding is why so many children fail to read.  

Code Mapping® was used by these Year 2 children on the Gold Coast (QLD) to explore new Speech Sound Pics®. It is so much easier for our 3 and 4 year olds now they have the Speech Sound Monsters®! The more we know, the more we can do. Our children learn to read and spell so much more easily (and earlier) now.

Accompanying the mapped reader is the video lesson from Miss Emma
(she 'follows the sounds to say the word')

The Village With Three Corners - MAPPED! Word Recognition Intervention
The Village with Three Corners
Mapped! Word Recognition Intervention

Becoming  Readies!

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