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The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. Linking the ACARA strands. 
Meeting and exceeding the expectations for the Australian Curriculum for English (Language, Literacy and Literature). Foundation and Year 1. 
An approach created by teachers for teachers !

The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is a way to teach reading, writing and spelling. but can be used in various ways. For example  Australian Prep and Year 1 teachers can use the class pack and follow the Phase 1 and 2 routines, to cover every strand of the Australian Curriculum for English. No more 'mix and matching' of programs!

And because it has been created by teachers it WORKS in real classrooms! Teachers LOVE it !

This is a document used by teachers to give examples of how every strand of the Australian curriculum for English (F/1) is covered within the Phase 2 Routine.  

Fabulous online student resources allow them to learn high frequency words and phonics skills quickly and easily, freeing up the teacher to focus on how they are used (reading and writing activities!)  

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