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Letter Formation!

The children start forming lower case letters in the first 4 weeks of Reception / Prep as they need to write satpin words within the first 2 weeks, using 'print to speech' and are also exploring others using 'speech to print' orthographic learning. 

I love the RWI phrases and have been using them for over a decade. 
Can you see why? :-) Lovely illustrations, and the phrases help with starting points, direction and exits. Brilliant.

Let children mimick what they see (and why reading and writing at home matters - and has a positive association)
This video shows that Milly is seeing those around her writing, and she wants to learn how. This 'emergent writing' is a really important stage, so try not to interupt 'natural' learning with the 'right' way to write! Especially when they are this young. Milly is in the January 2023 Reading Ready Brains pilot for 2 year olds

When we do show the children how to form letters, we do it in ways that are engaging and fun!

Those with proof of purchase for the Phase 1 resource book ie the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook, can request this pdf 
to print and laminate for personal use

SSP and RWI Letter Formation Phrase strip

We want learning to be playful, mulstisensory and fun!

We cover all 26 lower case letters in the first 4 weeks, with mastery within term 1.

Peggy Pencil is used for Upper Case letter formation.

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