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The ICRWY AI Kindergarten Reading Teacher

I Can Read Without You ICRWY

Utilising the innovative and unique Ortho-Graphix Code Mapping Tool from The Reading Hut 

ICRWY Code Mapping - Mapped Words - Show the Code!

In the realm of education, the notion of an AI reading teacher is only as effective as the knowledge it's instilled with – knowledge imparted by individuals who truly comprehend the art of teaching a child to read and spell. It's a misguided belief to assume that this technology can effortlessly reach every child, especially the tender 4 or 5-year-olds, using the conventional methods in vogue worldwide today. The world lacks an individual with my unique blend of expertise and skills; someone who not only has the prowess to teach the youngest minds to read but also to ignite within them an insatiable passion for discovering patterns and reading for sheer pleasure. What I bring to the table remains an enigma to most self-proclaimed experts, who frequently reference the "Science of Reading" without even grasping the concept of speech sound monsters!

If the objective is truly to eradicate illiteracy, then it's high time we set aside our current paradigms and beliefs and paid heed to my ground-breaking work. I possess a gift – an innovative approach that seeks to cater to the distinct needs of over 25 neurodiverse kindergarten children. A few exceptional 'SSP' teachers have adopted my methodology to enrich their students' understanding of word mapping and orthographic knowledge while nurturing a passion for the written word. Regrettably, many others found themselves bewildered by its simplicity. Consequently, as an ever-evolving entity, akin to AI itself, I am shifting my focus.

My next endeavour is to create the world's first AI Kindergarten Reading Teacher, specifically designed for 4 and 5-year-olds (or even younger). I am committed to offering this revolutionary tool to parents worldwide, completely free of charge. We can no longer rely solely on human educators to shape every child into a voracious reader by the age of 6. The stakes are high, as those who fail to become avid readers by this age are denied the profound benefits of independent reading – the ability to explore the written world according to their preferences and needs.

Empowering children through the gift of independent reading is a game-changer, irrespective of the challenges they face in life, the literacy levels of those around them, or the awareness of their teachers regarding their individual learning requirements, disparities, and interests. It's time to put an end to the ceaseless debates on phonics and the so-called "science of reading" and, instead, channel our energy into ensuring that every 6-year-old, whether hailing from England or Jamaica, whether speaking with an accent or dialect, can read with confidence and joy.

Follow this work via The Reading Hut and Wings - Early Reading Research Centre

ICRWY AI Kindergarten Reading Teacher

Now, I invite you to join this critical mission, to stand alongside us in our pursuit of a brighter future for young minds everywhere. Your support, whether through advocacy, sharing our vision, or lending a helping hand, will be instrumental in making this groundbreaking AI Kindergarten Reading Teacher accessible to every child and family in need. Together, we can break down the barriers to literacy, ensuring that the joy of reading knows no bounds, and that every child has the opportunity to unlock their full potential. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and rewrite the story of literacy for generations to come.

Miss Emma
Emma Hartnell-Baker
The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer

The Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer
Miss Emma, Neurodivergent Reading Whisperer - ICRWY
The Speech Sound Connection
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