Learning high-frequency words quickly, at home.

Info for parents about 'sight words' (eg SoR research findings) here

We are teaching children to map phonemes to graphemes (in line with the Science of Reading)

Download the digital files, with these Code Mapped and Monster Mapped words
with a Sight Word Only Membership

Fry First 100 Words Fry (Sight Words) - First 100 Words - Code Mapped® and Monster Mapped®

Dolch  Dolch (Sight Words) - First 100 Words - Code Mapped® and Monster Mapped®

Letters and Sounds (UK Government Program)  - First 100 Words -  Code Mapped® and Monster Mapped®

PM Readers Levels 1 - 10 (We analysed the readers and found the 100 most commonly used words)
Student Booklet (ideal for home practice) 



Why learn all monsters, even when working at the Green Code Level?

So that you can learn the 'sight words' used at school, eg in Australia if 'benchmarked. This booklet ensures you can PM benchmark 10 asap 

Another fun way to learn high frequency words is to show the code mapping in popular songs! The lyrics are written in flip books, found in the SSP Bookcase, and in 'Other' videos in drop down menu (Members) 


This is the same routine we follow in Kindergarten and Year 1 classrooms. 

SSP Code Levels - Phonics Lessons - Parent's Corner

Use these 'sight words' within reading and spelling activities.

For example within the new Village with Three Corners activities.

We have taken a much loved 'reading scheme' that was 'sight word' heavy, and 'Code Mapped' the words so that children can read and spell those words without memorising whole words, using 'first sounds', guessing from the illustrations or missing out words (ie using code mapping skills rather than 'three cueing'. So we kept the fantastic elements that children loved (getting lost in the magical world of 'The Hats' but 'updated' the scheme based on what we know from the science of reading.