Supporting your child at home; helping them learn to read, write and spell as quickly and easily as possible.

Read to your child from birth ! 

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SSP Phase 1 - Orange Level - the lead into phonics. Shows Scope and Sequence. Download

If parents and pre-schools used this stand alone phonemic awareness program they could prevent reading and spelling difficulties, as brains wired to be ABLE to read (even if the school doesn’t then teach phonics systematically)

This is the lead into the Green Code Level for SSP teachers, and they are using this phase in weeks 1 and 2 of Kindergarten, as well as at the start of Learning Support / Intervention


SSP Orange

Preparation for the Green Code Level in Phase 2
(which includes the 30 Minute Phonics Program Activities) 

SSP Orange (Phase 1) Scope and Sequence

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