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Using coloured grapheme tiles to teach phonics?

'What do you think about using colours to help the children know which sounds graphemes map to?'

As this is a question I am often asked I have created a video below.

While there are many outstanding elements of OG programs, this is not one I would use, especially not with my neurodivergent learners.
There is too much 'teaching' needed. 

While I understand the way I view teaching and learning may differ from 'the norm', I see my neurodivergence as a strength when teaching students who may also learn differently. I see things others may not pay attention to, or think 'matters' - I dig deep. It's how my brain works! I like patterns, to be able to figure things out with as little 'teaching' as possible, and for it to 'make sense without memorisation. I understand not everyone will agree with me, and that my opinions may upset people - that is not my intention. 
Miss Emma 
Passionate about the Science of Thinking and Learning. 
Join me in the woods! Mapping Words in the Woods. 
Braintree Forest Learning 

Braintree Forest Learning - Mapping Words in the Woods
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