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The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is a HIGHLY successful approach and program, created by a teacher with a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs, and a passion for teaching children in the way they learn best.

You can learn about the approach using the free Part 1 Training video below, and read what teachers think here  

WHY SSP works - Part 1 (free) / HOW to implement it - Part 2 

SSP Code Mapping and Monster Mapping Training -  Part 1

Teaching students the WHOLE code, using a Speech to Print Approach created by a Dyslexia Specialist!  

Part 2 - Teaching Reading, Writing and Spelling quickly!
Part 2 is AU$245 plus GST, and you can use it for the whole staff team ie not per person. 


Learn more, and sign Up on the web site. Learning Support Training, and info about meeting the needs of dyslexic learners, included.  

Resources needed will depend on the students - see popular hard copy resources below. Prep and Year 1 teachers really need a class pack, but others will just need a set of wall clouds, to use during The Speedy Six and during writing activities. There are also resources for students of any age who need extra support and to catch up as previous instruction has not met their needs. This includes high school and adult learners. 
Early Years Educators, parents and home schooling families should start with the Monster Mapping Kit. Add in an A3 Coding Poster per school aged child, and a Spelling Cloud Mat. 

Start with the Part 1 video as Code Mapping and Monster Mapping is really important; not only as the kids LOVE it. but as the issues that prevent children from learning to read and spell are overcome quickly using these techniques. This is the part teachers find the hardest ! It can be a big learning curve for even the best teachers !
So be prepared... the move to SSP will be a marathon, not a sprint ! But worth the switch.  

Miss Emma :-)

Even really young children learn to explore Spelling Patterns using Monster Mapping !  


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