The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach
Learn about Code Mapping®; mapping phonemes to graphemes quickly and easily, in order to speed up the rate at which children learn decoding and encoding (spelling) skills.

Meet some of our I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Pilot Group children as they learn to read before starting school. They are featured in some of the reading material we create for them! So much fun.  

The 'I Can Read Without You' (ICRWY) Project - Every Child Reading for Pleasure by 6!
Monster Mapping

Our new early (early) years program. Buy the ICRWY Teaching Kit and Training+ Membership for Step by Step Instructions!
Join the FB group and connect with parents of children who went through the ICRWY Pilot. 


SSP Code Mapping- the ICRWY Project - SSP Training

New! Online training Subscribe to the NEW ICRWY Project Training+ channel for GB25/ AU$50 per month. Cancel at any time. Use the pre-recorded whole school workshops on public free days, or to understand the approach before using the techniques to enhance or replace your current phonics or spelling program. Learn at your pace. Workshops suitable for whole school pupil free days.Use the training if you are a tutor, homeschooling parent, or simply someone who wants to help a struggling child, to teach a child to read BEFORE they start school. 

Get the whole family involved!


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Build a Speech Sound Wall with the SSP Spelling Clouds